Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Business Movement

As the primary progresses, I hope that it has become clear to the defenders of freedom that presidential politics cannot restore America.

Government, by nature, is a constraint placed upon the people. The founders created a limited government to reduce the burden of this constraint.

The best one can hope for in presidential politics is a candidate who will keep government in check. Even if a principled constitutionalist like Ron Paul won the election, the president would be besieged by a well honed political machine that feeds off government largess.

The biggest problem in our nation is not the government, but a top-heavy corrupt financial system dominated by big banks and captured centralized exchanges.

The best way to reform these corrupt businesses is to create alternatives.

In the last two years I've blogged on The Medical Savings and Loan as an alternative to insurance.

The regulatory environment makes starting the MS&L difficult.

I am tired of just blogging and want to engage in affirmation action ... NOW.

I've applied free market principles to other areas of life and have a really fun recreational product that is ready to go live as soon as I can find a few dozen victims participants.

The goal of this effort is to use social media to create a network of businesses in a recreational/sports industry.

Presidential politics and agitating will not restore America. Action will. I am tired of just agitating ... if anyone else is tired of agitating and wants to get to work starting a weekend (recreational) business that actively discusses the free market please contact me.

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