Sunday, January 22, 2012

Congress Passes the Laws, the Prez Administrates

I love Ron Paul as a Congressman. We need more people like him in the legislature.

That said, I am hoping Newt Gingrich wins the nomination for president.

Newt is a lover of big ideas. This deeply flawed candidate has a history of flitting from big idea to big idea, but he does have a history of getting big ideas in place.

Mr. Gingrich might best be described as a random policy generator.

He jumps from idea to idea and one comes out as policy.

If Mr. Gingrich won the presidency, I suspect that we would enter a period in which people started discussing big ideas with hopes of getting their ideas churned through the random policy generator.

The biggest of all big ideas is freedom.

Having a random policy generator in the White House is scary, however, I've come to realize that the people matter more than the presidency.

The idea that the presidency is going to restore our freedom is absurd. The only way to restore freedom is for the people to take it back.

Of the candidates on the ballot, Newt's presidency is most likely to lead to a culture where people gear up to take their freedom back.

I love the ideas of Ron Paul. I fear that his trying to legislate from an administration position would lead to a negative public reaction and a bunker mentality in the White House, which would not advance freedom.

The worst of the candidates is the organization man Mitt Romney. Mitt will speak free market rhetoric while passing progressive legislation. The cultural climate would become stagnant as his organization will actively suppress real discourse in the community.

I am happy with Gingrich taking the lead in South Carolina and believe he is the least bad of the presidential candidates.

I say least bad, because I think the people matter more than the presidency. My greatest hope is that Tea Party and Campaign for Liberty continue to thrive.

Freedom is not a gift from the presidency, it is gift from the creator that people must defend or lose.

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