Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Doves To The Rescue

America would be safer with a Republican Dove at the helm than a Republican Hawk.

The greatest strategic threat to the United States is not Iran. Our greatest threat is internal division.

Look at this country. America is more divided at this moment than at any time during my life.

The OWS movement shows that the United States is a powderkeg looking for a spark.

If a Republican Hawk was president and we were drawn into a war with Iran, the anti-American forces of the world would frame the war as the creation of the United States. We could actually see rioting in the street.

Does anyone remember the Iraq War?

There were good reasons for George Bush's decision to invade Iraq. In the lead up to the war, both the International Community and the US Democrats were giving support to regime change in the rogue state.

As soon as George Bush was mired in the conflict, the International Left turned on Bush with a vengeance.

The reaction was so strong that it moved the entire world dramatically to the left.

On the international scene, we saw a number of countries elect in Communist dictators. At home, the reaction to the war gave a supermajority to a radical left wing Congress.

The left had so much success with its reactionary politics against Bush that we are guaranteed to see a repeat of this reaction if another hawkish Republican is drawn into a war.

I believe that the world would be much safer if we had a Republican Dove in the executive office. The only dove in the Republican line up is Ron Paul.

I have no doubt that Ron Paul would defend the United States to the bitter end. His history as a dove would help counter the reactionary forces that escalated the troubles during the Iraq War.

A war is a system ruled by action and reaction. Although there was justification for Bush's decision to invade Iraq, the decision led to an extremely ugly chain of action and reaction that greatly damaged the United States.

Those who engage in foreign affairs must consider the whole chain of action and reaction. Bush clearly was not prepared for the reaction that set in after the Iraq invasion.

A Republican Hawk taking unilateral action against Iran will spark a similar if not worse reaction than we saw in Iraq.
I am dismayed that Republican candidates keep pushing the hawk position, when Amerca's best interests would be preserved by a dove.


anti Paul said...

that was funny, considering you are endorsing a loser.

y-intercept said...

Your remark was funny as well.

Contrary to your beliefs, you don't know my intentions.

I was actually a supporter of Michele Bachmann at the beginning of the election cycle. The main reason for writing this post was to explain why I stopped supporting Bachmann.

During the elections Ms. Bachmann kept drumming the message that she sees the security reports and feels compelled to respond to international threats.

If Ms. Bachmann was president and engaged in pre-emptive actions against Iran, the United States would erupt.

Then i began thinking how stupid it is that most Republican candidates are beating war drums during the election cycle. Doing so gives anti-American forces in the world an opportunity to react in case we are drawn into war.

I am sad that only one dove is running for the Republican seat.