Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Resetting the Debate

America: It's time to reset the health care debate.

The health care debate of the Ted Kennedy era was based on the paradoxical view that one can improve health care through greater centralization of the medical market. The belief is that if you transfer the control over health care resources and decisions from the individual to a centralize authority, that the individual will some how get better.

This paradoxical view is popular among the elite who will have control over the resources; however, in practice, the transfer of health resources to the central authority has historically done little more than diminish the individuals.

A better approach to health care is to find a way to structure society that empowers the individual and gives the individuals greater power to act over their health care.

I will work today on a series of blog posts introducing a health care reform that would empower individuals, and local communities and does not require a massive centralized government authority. For that matter, the reform is not a government program. It is a new business model.

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