Friday, January 08, 2010

The Open Society (a registered trademark)

I was dismayed to hear Obama use the term "the open society" in several recent speeches on national security.

"The Open Society" is a brand first established by Karl Popper and currently owned by the ├╝ber-partisan billionaire George Soros…founder of the "Open Society Institute." Soros is so partisan that he even is quoted on his Wikipedia page (drawn 1/7/10) as saying that the defeat of George W. Bush was the "central focus of my life.".

In the last two election cycles, the Open Society Institution has been an extremely partisan group. It promotes an ideology based on the material dialectics as modified by Bertrand Russell and Popper. This ideology is diametrically opposed to the thoughts of the US Founders (some call the ideology of the Founders Classical Liberalism).

By openly declaring an allegiance to Soros during a speech on terrorism, Obama committed an extremely divisive and partisan act at a time when the world needed unity.

I wrote more, but deleted it as it presented complex ideas.

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