Saturday, January 23, 2010

Medical Savings and Loan Convention?

I've been trying to figure out ways to build interest in the Medical Savings and Loan. The MS&L is a business model that would compete against insurance.

This new business model would solve most of the complaints that led to the cry for insurance reform. Establishing the Medical Savings and Loan as an accepted business practice would achieve the reforms that Americans want to see in health care, while dramatically cutting the cost and improving the efficiency of care.

My entrepreneurial spirit says the best way to start the reform would be to create my own business. Unfortunately, I lack the capital and access to a suitable market at the moment.

There are many people who happen to have both the access to capital and market that I desire. Specifically credit unions, small banks, small insurance companies and mutual funds. To be honest, many large companies have a suffience market on their own to replace their lumbersome insurance plan with a cutting edge Medical Savings and Loan.

Considering that there are many groups across the nation that could benefit by starting an independent medical savings and loan, I realized that one could bring the idea of a Medical Savings and Loan to fruition by holding a convention.

The Convention would invite people from around the country to a resort location for a structured three day conference to help lay the framework for Medical Savings and Loan. Ideally, the convention will get a few medical savings and loans launched around the country.

The Convention would invite folks interested in starting businesses along with insurance companies, banks, mutual funds, credit unions, accounting firms, legal firms and businesses wanting a way to control health care costs. There would be room for economists, free thinkers, politicians and tea party patriots.

The big question at this point would be location of the convention, and timing.

Timingwise ... it is likely that many of the people interested in this idea work on taxes. So, the convention should be a week or two after tax day.

Locationwise, I am partial to Salt Lake City, Colorado Springs or Denver ... but I would be interested in going anywhere where there is sufficient interest in the idea.

If you like the idea of a convention, please drop a comment to this post.

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