Friday, January 15, 2010

Employment Litmus Tests

In the radio interview below, Martha Coakley voices support for the use of abortion as a means to weed Christians out of the medical community.

After a year of debate, many Americans are finally catching on to the fact that "Health Care Reform" is about backroom deals to reward political groups, to buy votes or to punish political enemies. And it is about forcing people to buy products they do not want, or to force people to engage in activities that they find objectionable.

Prior to Obama, Health Care was regulated by the states. Due to this distributed regulation, it did not suffer as severe a down turn as the parts of the government regulated by the Feds.

This corrupt health care bill will not only force people to engage in activities they find objectionable, it will lead to further centralization of the economy. Centralization of the economy leads to wider and wider gaps between rich and poor.

Every bad thing projected onto Bush has happened tenfold under Obama.

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