Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On Endorsing Scott Brown

There is a small chance that the US could avoid the health care fiasco if Massachusettes were to vote for Scott Brown. For this reason, this Utahn endorses Scott Brown for Massachusetts Senator.

Now, I hope readers caught on to the absurdity of a Utahan endorsing a Massachuesettes Senator. If it were not for spellcheck, I would have spelled the name of the state wrong.

The apparent absurity of this endorsement is not due to a personal default on my part. It is due to the nature of health care an the inherent absurdity of establishing the distant Federal government (not the individual states) as the regulator of health care.

The absurdity of the health care bill is that it creates a dynamic where an election in a distant state will have a profound (most likely negative) impact on my personal health.

The vision of the founders had the federal government deal with a carefully enumerate set of problems. The States and local governments would address the issues nearest and dearest to the people.

The transfer of regulatory power over local health care from the state to the feds reduces the influence that people have on their care, and creates an extremely ugly dynamic in national elections where interstate intrigue affects necessities in life ... such as the care of our health.

I wish Scott Brown well in his election in a distant state and pray that this absurdity of centralizing the regulation of care passes.

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