Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Arbitrary Caps

Progressives attacked Patrick Byrne's 65% cap on education a deception. This cap said that 65% of school district money must be spent on the classroom (including PE and music).

Progressives laud the exact same thinking when applied to private businesses in the Health Care bill which sets an arbitrary cap on administrative expenses of insurance companies.

In other words, if you took the progressive campaign against Byrne's arbitrary cap on education spending, changed the words related to "education" with "insurance"; then you would have a compelling argument against the arbitrary caps in the health care bill.

I am not in favor of arbitrary caps, but can't help but notice that public education is a state run business with monopoly status in most communities. Being owned by the state, the schools are run by the state.

Theoretically, insurance is a private business with many different players. In which case insurance companies would compete on which company gets the most medical care for the buck.

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