Sunday, February 04, 2007

Slippery When Wet

I think the Colts should take on a new motto: "Slippery When Wet."

Of course the real meat of the Super Bowl is all of the right wing conspiracies that took place. There is already good coverage of the hidden messages in the prudential ad. The ad keeps repeating the words "A Rock." But we all know that the ad really is some sort of right wing conspiracy thing about Iraq!!!!!!!!!

Did anyone else notice that the game began with a 92 yard touchdown. When Devin Hester was asked about the play he said "I caught the ball, then I ran!" Does anyone else see the pattern?

The right wing government is trying to hypnotize us through the Superbowl!!!!!

BTW, did you notice that the CareerBuilder ads jumped from an office full of monkeys to an office jungle without any interim steps. These people clearly are in the pockets of the Intelligent Design crowd who want to remove science from the school. They even used the sacred phrase "survival of the fittest" in the Office Fight video specifically to denegrate Darwin.

The other thing that has me worried is the fact that it rained through the whole game. Readers of the progressive left press will remember that, just about two years ago, George Bush and his brother conspired together and threw a hurricane at New Orleans because they hate black people. So, I am wondering why George Bush decided to make it rain on the Superbowl. Was he trying to dampen progressive unity?

We need a Democratic President so that future superbowls will be sunny!

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