Friday, February 09, 2007

Mean Bloggers Rehired

According to this article, Edwards rehired his mean bloggers. I think it is good to stand up for people in your circle of influence.

The group I cited is protesting the rehire. They even use strong wording to condemn Edwards for associating with the bloggers.

This thing about denouncing people is one of the worst aspects of the group think mantality. (Both religious groups and far left groups have the same tendency. When you read through what went on in Maoist China, Russia, the Stasi, la terreur, etc., you find that leftist groups routinely denounce people).

In other words, people should be fired for what they do and not what they say.

If I were a candidate, I would not fire people simply because they have strong opinions. I would fire them in a heartbeat if ever I found them trying to push their agenda into my campaign.

In the case of Fidelis, I agree wholeheartedly in their pointing out the mean bloggers. However, when a group stands out and demands doing harm to individuals, they are on the far side of thuggish behaviour themselves.

One of the things I really like about the classical liberal tradition is that you can disagree with someone, and they don't hate your for it. Classical liberals don't try to undermine your career for disagreeing. For that matter, classical liberals have this strange tendency to promote people they disagree with because it keeps the debate interesting.

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