Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mean Bloggers

I am sad, apparently John Edwards fired his provocative bloggers. People shouldn't be fired for opinions that they've expressed in the past. IMHO, Edwards' firing the bloggers to protect his image was a far bigger blunder than whatever political capital he spent hiring provocative bloggers.

It is interesting that the press is trying to lay the blame John Edward's firing of Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan on conservatives thugs. The two stood out like flashing cartoon characters on a Boston freeway bridge. Conservative bloggers are like progressive bloggers ... they will swipe at any low lying fruit.

IMHO, the hiring of these progressive bloggers was a proper subject for political discourse. I suspect that John Edwards hired the bloggers because he was hoping to tap into the political capital that the bloggers had been accumulating. Hiring people with substantial public exposure into a high profile position was a political move, and should be opened to scrutiny.

Regardless, John Edwards is the one responsible for any personnel decisions made by his campaign group.

BTW: I loved Michelle Malkin's hotair parody of Amanda Marcotte. I think she caught the angst of the overwraught progressive blogger.

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