Saturday, February 03, 2007

Intermountain Medical Center Photos

Shift ChangeFriday was a beautiful day; so I went out to do some photographing. The primary subject of interest was the new Intermountain Medical Center in Murray. This is a stunning campus with 5 medical centers. The hospital will replace the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake as IHC's flagship hospital (Salt Lake Health Links. The result of placing this $325 million dollar facility in Murray is that Murray will come of age as one of the primary cities in Utah. Murray has always had a hoping art scene. The IHC facility will also attract in more restaurants and business to the town. My favorite picture of the set is the workers piling out of the building at shift change.

Hiking in Neff CanyonUnfortunately, it takes longer to label photos than to take them. I labeled a few pictures that I took during a walk up Neff's Creek Canyon. I was wanting to get some winter scenes.

BTW, if you are looking for a job in Salt Lake, I understand that IHC will be doing a hiring blitz between now and the center's opening later in this year (Salt Lake Employment Resources). If you are looking to start a business, Murray looks like its an area that is at the start of a sustainable boom.

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