Thursday, February 22, 2007

Enterprise Photos

Lower Enterprise DamSince I have photo gallery site, I decided I should read a couple of books on photography. The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby does an excellent job describing methods to get the SHARP AS TACK photos that professional photographers and photo viewing public crave.

I know that this will sound a little bit odd. But I have never been too terribly fond of the sharp as tack photos. There are times when you want texture and detail to stand out in a photo. For the most part, I am interested in composition and prefer softer images. Of course, one should learn to take photos the way the public desires. The book convinced me to start taking photos in Raw format; so that I will be able to use the light balancing features of Adobe Photoshop (assuming I ever become rich enough to get Photoshop). Photoshop costs $650 bucks!

Mountain MeadowsAnyway, I decided to do a quick round of picture labeling. The new galleries include shots of the new Mountain Meadows Massacre Memorial, The Enterprise Reservoir, Honeycomb Rocks, and The Pinto Road.

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