Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Republicans, STOP BLUNDERING!!!!!!

The nonbinding resolution on the troop surge was an adequate vehicle for starting the debate that must occur if we are ever to get back on track to rebuilding consensus in this nation. Yes, I realize that the Senate Rules call for a 60 person vote to get an issue on the floor, and that the Democrats used the procedural device time and time again to derail legislation when they were the minority (without a squeak from from the press).

Unfortunately, we live in a day when progressives control the media. Republicans cannot play like Democrats because will shred you apart.

Remember, at the heart of the progressive movement is the belief that they are more equal than others. Yes, that means that when Republicans follow standard Senate procedures, every press in the nation will scream that the Republicans are playing dirty tricks. Conversely, when the Democrats used the same procedures to block Social Security reform, etc., there was nary a peep. Republicans, you cannot play by the same rules as Democrats.


Anonymous said...

You're not suggesting that the Republicans never kept bills from the floor when they were in charge, are you?

y-intercept said...

I am say that Republicans have to much more careful when they prevent bills from reaching the floor. When Democrats keep a bill from reaching the floor, the press will laud them as peoples' heroes. When Republicans do it, they get vilified for stifling the debate. That means that Republicans cannot do it as often as Democrats.

If you've read Animal Farm, you learned that Democrats are more equal than Republicans. If Republicans keep bills off the floor as often as the Democrats did, the press will crucify them.

BTW, did you notice that the title of this post called the Republican actions a BLUNDER (in shouting letters)?

I did not say that Republicans should never filabuster, nor did I say that they never have filabustered. I said that in an intellectual climate where there are different rules for Democrats and Republicans, the Republicans must be very select in how they use standard Senate operating procedure.

Scott Hinrichs said...

Quite astute. Yes, there are different rules. The fact that it's not fair is unimportant because you can't change it with a wave of your magic wand. The important thing is to recognize the fact and deal with it.