Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Huntsman Cancer InstituteI took a short walk along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Red Butte Gardens to the new Huntsman Cancer Institute building at the University of Utah Medical Center.

Wow, there is big money in medicine. The new building cost $100M to build add that to other facilities in the area and you have a price tag approaching a billion. If you are looking for a career. The place to be is health care.

This little corner of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail provides beautiful vistas of the University and Salt Lake City. You can cap off a trip with a visit to Red Butte Gardens which provides horticulture displays.

This section of trail is a good example of my ideals of urban development. You have a complex with multiunit housing, large buildings, etc., next to wilderness.

It is much better than the sprawl paradigm where the town sprawls out from the center.

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