Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Nation's Freezer Chest

I was reading several of the articles ridiculing Bush for vetoing a bill that to give federal funding to stem cell research.

I think conservatives are right in fearing that the massive federally fund. The stats that jumps out during the diatribes is that the US has 400,000 human embryos on ice.

400,000 is a difficult number of comprehend. The population of America's ice chest is twice the population of Salt Lake City.

The funny thing is that these embryos were obviously created by people who see them as more than just blobs of cells. The very fact that they are paying big bucks to keep the embryos frozen is proof that the parents see them as real. Rand reports that only about 10,000 of the 400,000 are available for research. The rest are hoping to be adopted by surrogate parents to be brought to term.

As it takes a great deal of effort to collect and freeze haumn embryos, I would guess that filling an ice chest with 400,000 embryos entailed the creation of several million more. Add this to a the million plus abortions done by the American medical community each year ... and I hope that it is apparent that something is terribly wrong and out of control.

The biggest problem is that our modern system of discourse has destroyed our ability to debate important social issues.

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