Monday, July 03, 2006

Programming Updates

Buttercup CollectionI spend the last 12 hours updating the picture page to DHTML Strict. As with most projects, there was about an hour of programming and 11 hours trying to get CSS to display the image the same in different browsers. CSS was a good idea, it was just a horrible, horrible, horrible implementation. This would have been only a 30 minute job if the bastards who wrote CSS left the align=center option. Instead CSS was written by elitist wanks who had decided that centering an image was too petty and bourgeoisie for a revolutionary formatting language like CSS. My final solution was to measure all of the sizes of the images and calculate the centering myself.

I also got around to adding alt tags to all of the pictures. The reason I didn't add the alt tags in the first place is that I had tight bandwidth constraints. I was scared that google would index all of the image and send the site more traffic than I was prepared to pay for. Fortunately, my web host has increased my bandwidth quota, and I have an upgrade path to more bandwidth.

Hopefully the new DHTML picture page and Context Browse page will bring more traffic.

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