Sunday, July 02, 2006

Web Revenue Blues

I started watching parts of the Tour de France. Watching a peleton move is addictive.

As for other ways of wasting time. I tallied up the income for my web sites from last quarter. It takes a good part of the day to run the reports and all; so I am no longer reporting on a monthly basis.

Reported revenue has dropped to $1516.39 for the quarter. Yikes, I am now under $500 and the revenue is dropping like a stone. Which is odd because traffic is increasing at a steady pace. I usually only get about 90% of reported revenue. I am expecting about $1400 for the quarter .. expenses run about $750 for the quarter.

I sent about 20,000 hits to advertisers and made an average of 7 cents a click. I guess I would have to send about 160,000 clicks to advertisers a quarter to make a middle class living.

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