Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Weep aloud!!!

My hard disk has bad clusters!!!

I've spent all day trying to do scandisks, virus checks and defrags. Scandisk takes hours, hours and hours. For some odd reason, the DOS version doesn't seem to have the option to auto fix without prompting. That means I have to stay near my poor diseased 'puter.

The problem started yesterday when I deleted a mail message that had an attachment. I wonder if there is an email virus that causes errors that just looks like a failing hard disk? Or if it is a coincident. NOTE: I did not open the email, I just deleted it.

Other broken things on my computer: The touch pad mouse, the Network Interface Card, the down arrow.

I guess I will need a new computer soon...Now, I need a way to get cash...hmmm, if you need to shop, check out my sponsors. Pretty Please, sniff, sniff, sniff. Hopefully, when I am through with all the scandisks and defrags the computer will work. If I get more bad clusters after that, then I know the computer is bound for a complete failure soon.

Sniff, sniff.

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