Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Mormons for Equality and Social Justice spoke at the Intelligent Inquiry meeting. MESJ (pronounced Message) is a basically a group of Mormons who want to be liberal democrats. This will be an interesting group to follow, since they are not stepping in line with the political views of the hierarchy. Of course, the LDS church used to be entirely Democratic–until the seer and revelator had a revelation that he would have more power by subverting the Republican Party than by trying to subvert the Democratic Party. It is amazing how Utah so quickly switched from being the most Democratic state in the nation to the most Republican in a single election.

It is quite ironic. When I was a kid in the 70s, the Democratic Party was the party in favor of massive government controls and uncontrolled spending. Today, I am seeing more and more Democrats arguing for fiscal restraint and personal liberty. While the Republicans are falling more and more in line with the views of the Dixiecrats and Mormons...ie, massive uncontrolled federal deficits and extreme restraints on personal freedoms.

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