Saturday, March 29, 2003

Iraqis fire a missile at random into the heart of Kuwait City. It hits a civilian shopping mall at night. Fortunately, there are few casualties. Kuwait City was lucky. Saddam's forces kill refuges trying to escape Basra. Intentional killing of not only civilians, but his own people.

An explosion rocks hits a civilian area in Baghdad. The Muslim world ignites.

The US is naive if we believe that we can fight a war with no friendly or civilian casualties. There is not a quick and convenient path to regime change with a surigical application of cruise missiles. The US also probably has miscalculated the extent to which brain washed religious fanatics will find ways to filter information that reinforces their world view.

The followers of Sun Tzu would laugh at the US for believing that there are rules to war. The art of war would cast aside the notion that there are rules. The whole point of a war is that it is a time without rules...this is why revolutionaries tend to call for total war means the suspension of all logic, just simple brutality. It is the chaos that sickened minds such as Nietzsche adore.

Perhaps having the world see the polluted reasoning in actions like this, people might some day start readdressing epistemology and openly acknowledge that wealth comes from a general acceptance of sound principals of reason.

The Arab world has great cause to be angry at today's events. Killing is horrible. Yet it is not a US v. Arab world problem. It is a matter of the perverters of reason against civilization that is the real problem. Such people exist everywhere. Perhaps the greatest examples were the international forces that helped Saddam get into power in the first place.

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