Thursday, March 06, 2003

Like millions around the world. I patiently wait for Google to Dance. Apparently the Google Dance is the term webmasters have given the monthly update of the Google Index. I really hadn't paid much attention to search engine optimization. This is actually the first month I even tried to optimize my pages for the Google.

As you see, last month, I did searches on the most important keywords for my site. Very few of them came in before page 7 in the Google listing. For example, my listing of Salt Lake Restaurants was on page 9! for "Salt Lake Restaurants."

A few searches on search engine optimization found that tens of thousands of other people in the same plight...They are all wondering if they will get a good ranking. The funny thing is that, the very first month that I specifically made changes so Google would like my sites better, the Google Dance is late! I have wasted hours checking to see if the changes I made had any impact, or if I am still relegated to page 9. The search box below should list the first 100 items for "Salt Lake." Where is


On the home front, my niece Tessa uploaded her pictures of Italy to Yahoo.

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