Monday, March 17, 2003

Do It With the ICC

Next time, America, let's do it with the ICC.

The French method of drawing out the confrontation with Iraq until it is a Vietnam style war is no better than the cowboy diplomacy of Bush. If Saddam knew he had three months for the show down, he could substantially increase the damage he causes.

This is something not something even a skillful diplomat like Chamberlain could avoid.

Blundering Bush, however, has let his enemies characterize the current events as shooting from the hip.

International laws need to be defined, then enforced.

The unfortunate truth, though, is that a heavily politicized ICC would be a thousand times worse then none. The problem with courts that simply respond to popular politics is that they will force out the good in the world, and replace it with the bad.

Saddam Hussein could twist Jacques Chirac into any contortionist pose he desired. An ICC with 11 Chiracs as judges would guarantee the rise and perpetual preservation of dictators in all third world nations.

The solution isn't for a joke of an ICC, but for a clearly defined international law interpretted and enforced by a court, a court that values the rule of law first and foremost.

Next time, America, do it with the ICC.

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