Monday, March 10, 2003

I twisted my neck last night and woke up dizzy. I could barely stand, or sit. Finally, I layed down for most the day, thinking all the little thoughts that aren't getting anywhere.

As for the blogspot, this overactive sense of ethics of mine is churning away wondering what I am really accomplishing with all these homepages, affiliate programs, blogs and the like. How is this preoccupation with my personal stream of thought adding anything to anyone?

I thought I might be able to make some worth while web pages that would help people, and I could pay for them with ads. Of course, the only people making cash on the net are those out actively hurting people, or those who have nothing but ads.

The proliferation of ads and spam just fill the world with clutter.

The web is breaking down the walls of the power brokers and dictators of the world, but in looking at all the clutter, I suspect that there could be an backlash. For example, the site Latter Day Lampoon provides exmormons a place to vent their frustrations with humor, but the LDS church itself now has a Satan to point to. Look what them 'postates are saying.

My personal hope is that the middle ground of reason will win, but it is far easier for the unreasonable to flood the world with absurd arguments, than for a true thinker to work hard and develop one well thought through idea.

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