Wednesday, March 12, 2003

So, I've invested time reading blogs.

Ever notice how many people are alienated?

Me, I do everything I can to fight feelings of alienation.

I was thinking, perhaps I should form a society of the non-alienated.

We, of course, would be shunned by the alienated majority, and cast out.

But who really cares?

The other thing I've noticed about blogs...there's an awefully large number of people who are smarter than me, and are writing about very technically complex fields. I really haven't decided the direction of this blog yet. My goal is a message a day, but naval contemplation grows old.

My great aunt Susie Kerin wrote poetry in the 1920s. She wasn't alienated. It sounds like her generation was quite optimistic about the future. I republished her works on the web: Poems of Sunny Colorado

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