Saturday, September 07, 2013

Undermining the Rank and File

I believe that the rank and file members of both the GOP and Democratic Parties are, for the most part, hard working people who want the best for this nation and for their children.

The problem in our nation is not with the population at large but with our leader.

The ruling class of both parties uses a dialectics which effectively undermines the people.

For example, the attempts of the members of the Republican Party do not result in the restoration of free market principles, the hard work of the rank and file Republican usually just results in crony capitalism.

Likewise, the hard work on the left rarely results in social justice. The hard work usually just results in political payoffs, favoritism and more crony capitalism.

The left and right are mirror images of each other.

For the freedom movement to have a positive effect, the movement has to challenge the perverse thinking of both the left and the right.

The perverse thinking exists on both the right and the left.

There is a surprisingly clear path between the thinking behind the Divine Right of Kings and Socialism.

This path started as a right wing movement to conserve the social structure of the monarchy after the revolution into the left wing movement that we know today.

After the revolution, the Kings of England (who were German) funded the universities to reframe the monarchy as progressive.

Establishment conservatives and modern progressives share the same intellectual heritage.

The result is that these groups have shrill arguments. But both parties keep coming up with the same failed solution.

In order for the freedom move to have any success, the movement has to find a way to break from this dialogue.

But, the dialectics has a very strange way of drawing people into shrill arguments that lead nowhere.

For example, I was a great fan of Glenn Beck. He built up street credibility by researching ideas behind Progressivism.

How is it that Glenn Beck missed the fact that Progressivism evolved from The Divine Right of Kings and Covenant Theory?

I see very little positive discourse taking place on the right. If people fail to get on track and start talking about substantive issues such as free market health care reform, all will be lost.

I personally am stuck in a hole trying to figure out why Conservatives systematically fail at defending freedom when I would prefer to spend my time trying to figure out how to rid our nation of the yoke of ObamaCare.

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