Thursday, September 19, 2013

Glenn Beck Grew a Halo

Glenn Beck grew a halo!

Why is there an occult image of a Sun-God on Beck's Covenant America web site?

Why is the Sun-God icon positioned on Beck's site to make it appear that he is wearing some sort of headdress?

I really liked Glenn Beck on Fox. The Glenn Beck show discussed the rise of Modern Progressivism and its dangers.

This paralleled my own research.

I studied the foundations of mathematics and was drawn into the profound differences between classical logic and modern logic

The US Founders had a classical liberal arts education. This education was based on the Trivium. The legs of the Trivium are Grammar, Classical Logic and Rhetoric.

The Founders learned classical logic and applied classical logic to the question of liberty.  I believe that their approach is best described as "Classical Liberalism."

The Modern tradition evolved under Kant, Russeau, Hegel Feuerbach and Marx.

Modern Liberalism is dramatically different from Classical Liberalism. Classical logic is based on syllogistic reasoning and dislikes paradoxes. Modern logic is intrigued with paradox and conflict.

I fear that modern conservatism has accepted modern logic. That fear aside, modern conservatism aligns with Classical Liberalism on many key issues.

My main complaint is that Modern Conservatism is partisan to the core.

You will often see conservatives spending more time attacking the positions of opponents than in defining their own position.

The US Founders hated partisanship and failed to prepare for the Left/Right Split.

The left/right split that dominates modern politics came in the early 1800s (a generation after the US Founding). The intellectual climate in the early 1800s led directly to the American Civil War.

The Left/Right split works by presenting the public with false dichotomies. In health care, the false dichotomy is: Should our health care resources be owned by government or big business?

Rejecting the thesis that health care resources should be owned by government does not mean the resources should be owned by big business. I believe that health care resources should be owned by individuals.

Adherents of modern logic often follow the pattern of presenting wonderful expositions on the faults of their partisan opposition. When a speaker lays bare the faults of others, it is natural to assume that the speaker must some how be right.

This was the tactic used by Karl Popper. I loved Popper's book "The Open Society and Its Enemies." This two volume tome  is a no-holds-barred attack on Socrates, Aristotle and Hegel. But on further investigation, I realized that Popper was preserving the very fallacies that he projected onto his intellectual opponents.

Sigmund Freud spent a good deal of his career investigating projection. George Lakoff was enchanted by the use of "framing." I took a class on Lakoff. I was taught to frame framing as something that is exclusive to the right.

I almost split my sides watching a progressive professor frame her political opponents as propagandists who resort to framing for dubious political ends.

Politicians tend to project the worst aspects of their ideology onto opponents. The prime example is the war monger who says: "We have to go to war against our hated enemies because our hated enemies are war-mongers."

I believe Freud is correct that projection is a natural defense mechanism. We tend to project our worse attributes onto others.

The unfortunate result of projection in politics is that political movements drawn into using projection as a propaganda tool often end up doing the exact opposition of what members of the movement want.

I happen to be opposed to the Health Exchanges and over all direction of PPACA. I am scared that the Conservative movement has been drawn off into a no-mans land and is no longer capable of restoring health freedom.

I believe that health care is the most important issue of our day.

Something has prevented the conservative movement from adequately defending our health care freedom.

This link talks about occult images in Mormonism.

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