Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Freedom Fest 2014

I really dislike that I am spending so much time ragging on the "Conservative Movement."

Quite frankly, I would rather spend my time doing something productive like working on alternatives to ObamaCare.

But, since I have yet to find a Conservative Group interested in developing alternatives to ObamaCare, I am left wondering why Conservatives refuse to discuss the most important issue of the day.

For five years, I've repeated the message: "I have something important to say about funding health care."

I have a presentation that should take an hour followed by a discussion and concrete action item.

The action item is to create an entity to be called "The Health Care Advocate Association." This association will be to promote self-funded health care as an alternative to insurance.

The goal of the association is to create an alternative business model to the health exchanges and insurance.

My goal is to create a group that defines a new business model for funding health care.

The HCAA will define a business model at an abstract level.

I contend that the existence of a new business model and an association that promotes the business model could change the face of the debate.

I have the basic frame work of the business model in place. The great thing about this model is that it directly challenges the foundations of PPACA.

PPACA is premised on the assumption that insurance is the only way to fund health care. The business model creates a data-driven business model which directly challenges this assumption.

Long ago, I had access to actuarial data. My analysis showed that insurance systematically favors the ruling class over the working class.

If a group was brave enough to develop this model and if we could populate the model with current data; the group could create a traveling show with a presentation that demonstrates that ObamaCare concentrates wealth and power in the ruling class and that we would have a better distribution of income if we ditched ObamaCare and restored the free market.

What I have to say is extremely important. If a group was brave enough to host a meeting from that crazy gentile from Utah, the group would come away with actionable items and a paradigm that directly attacks the foundations of ObamaCare.

I am willing to travel. I am down to my last dollar. There is one dollar in my pocket. I will have to borrow money. I would borrow the money if I had assurances that a group would actually meet and discuss the idea.

It looks like the next freedom related event in the Mountain West will be Freedom Fest in July 2014 in Las Vegas.

That's ten months from now.

This is too late to affect the primaries and probably too late to affect the general elections in 2014, but I might be able to make contacts.

Las Vegas is 430 miles from my house. I know places to sleep in my car on the way to Las Vegas.

I can't afford a ticket to the event.

But if people were willing to meet the day before and the day after the event, I could do the following.

I would camp in the desert the day before the event. The people would go to the event and I would put in several days of work preparing for a follow up meeting after the event.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post. I hate ragging on the conservative movement.

The best idea I have at the moment is to wait ten months for a chance to sit in the desert on the faint hope that someone might be willing to talk to me while sitting in the dirt outside freedomfest.

The fact that I've gone five years without finding a conservative group that would commit to discussing alternatives to PPACA leaves me with no options but to rag on the Conservative Movement.

The LDS Church is unquestionably the most conservative group West of Tehran. This political group is committed to socializing health care via exchanges.

If the most conservative group of the nation is committed to socializing health care via exchanges, then how am I to take seriously the claim that the conservative movement at large is really interested in defending freedom?

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