Sunday, September 01, 2013

Reprogramming Car Remotes

YEP, THIS POST IS AN ADVERTISEMENT: I will use proceeds, if any, to hold a meeting on the MS&L.

I thought people had to go to a locksmith to reprogram a car remote. Most remotes can be reprogrammed from within a car if you know the right combination of steps.

The site Car and Truck Remotes sells new and used remote fobs for most major makes and models of vehicles. They also have video instructions on how to reprogram the remote for your car. Use coupon labor15 to save 15% and get Free Shipping at checkout now through Labor Day. (more info).

Just as it is wise to periodically change your password, it is wise to periodically reprogram your remotes.

The video shows changing the remote on a GMC Truck. Changing the remote is a matter of going through a procedure of turning on the car, unlocking doors then holding down the button on the remote. The site has written instructions and videos for different years, makes and models of cars.

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