Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Afghan Covenant

Glenn Beck is in Kansas City preaching that members of his group have a covenant with The Heavenly Father which makes them the rightful rulers of America.

To save America, his group must gain power. If his group fails to gain power, we will suffer the wrath of the Heavenly Father.

The corollary to Glenn Beck's message is that Americans who are not in his group are servants of Satan.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, CSN News Reports, Nazir Ahmad Hanafi is calling for the murder of Afghans who convert to Christianity.

The cleric holds the view that his group has a Covenant with Allah. People who leave his group are apostates who need to be exterminated.

In this version of The Covenant: Israel is a little Satan and the US a big Satan.

Meanwhile, in Syria, Jihadist are decapitating people with this idea that they have a covenant with god and the people outside their group are evil.

I used to enjoy the Glenn Beck show. His research paralleled what I had discovered. There is something really wrong with Modern Progressivism. Modern Progressivism really traces back to Hegel who was funded by the monarchy and tasked with presenting the ideas behind the Divine Right of Kings as progressive.

Hegelianism is Covenant Theory written in pseudo-philosophic speak. A young Hegelian named Feuerbach realized that he could use radical hatred of religion just as clerics use radicalized religion to gain power. Marx framed Hegel's version of The Covenant as a class struggle.

The Nazi's built the hateful ideology that their group was chosen by history to dominate and they had to step up toe the plate to impose a new world order. The reason they had to kill the Jews was because of this stupid Covenant Theory.

Anyway, Glenn Beck was doing some interesting research on his show. I am baffled that Mr. Beck failed to make the connection that modern progressivism has the same form as the Covenant Theory that he is currently preaching.

Glenn Beck's Covenant Theory holds that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were revealed by the Heavenly Father to establish the conditions necessary for the restoration of the church in the latter days.

The restoration of the church occurred with the revelation of the Book of Mormon and the new covenant was revealed in the Doctrine and Covenants.

People are in the political hierarchy of the church are called the "righteous." People who are not in the hierarchy are to be driven from society as they are servants of Satan.

I am not in the hierarchy. According to Glenn Beck, I am to be driven from society as a servant of Satan.

I accept that I am to be driven out of society and treated as a pariah.

But let's take a gander at the leading politicians in the hierarchy. This include (by order of influence):

Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman and Mike Leavitt.

The most influential political leaders of the movement supported by Glenn Beck all have one thing in common. They are all pushing to socialize health care via health exchanges.

Undoubtedly, the Founders of the US believed that there was a hand of providence in the Revelation. But they also saw the atrocities that occur when religions pit people against each other. They hated factionalization and partisanship that occur when one group claims a religious right to suppress others. If the US Founders were watching Glenn Beck's Covenant America.. The idea that the group run by the likes of Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, Jon Huntman and Mike Leavitt have a Covenant with The Heavenly Father that demands they socialize health care via exchanges is absurd.

With this stupid three ring circus, Beck has come around full circle. He is now supporting essentially the same ideology that he was claiming to be against.

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