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Covenant Theory in Action

If you've followed the news in the last decades, you may have noticed that there is turmoil in the Middle East.

Much of this turmoil is the result of something called "Covenant Theory."

Different groups believe that they are the righteous holders of a Covenant with God. This covenant pits them in eternal struggle with evil Servants of Satan who are outside the Covenant.

In the Middle East, holders of these Covenants believe Israel is the Little Satan and the US the Great Satan.

As mentioned in previous posts. Covenant Theory was the heart of the Divine Right of Kings. The Kings of England were German. They funded the Germany University system which dutifully created a modern covenant theory with the World Spirit battling through thesis/antithesis conflicts.

The pattern of thinking behind The Covenant creates a thesis/antithesis conflict. One might see it as a split between the Progressive and Reactionary forces with a chosen group claiming to be the path to progress and their enemies framed as reactionaries.
 The modern tradition developed both Socialism as Capitalism. It developed both Communism and Naziism.

The Nazis had a particularly nasty brand of Covenant Theory that inspired a holocaust. The Nazis wanted to kill all the Jews because they were associated with an earlier Covenant.

The Covenant Theory that has the Mideast in turmoil holds that Israel is the Little Satan and Americas the Great Satan.

But, America; Don't despair!

We have Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck is headed to Branson Missouri to put on a show of shows called  "The American Covenant." In this grand spectacle for man, woman child, Glenn Beck will put forward that theory that his group is the rightful holder of the coveted covenant.

All of those people in the Middle East are killing each other over claims to the Covenant, when the Covenant is here in the United States.

We have the Covenant and they don't. That is why the US won the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars.

While we have the Covenant, Glenn Beck brings a grave warning that evil people here at home seek to undermine the Covenant. These evil people include Barack Obama.

If we aren't careful, we will be smited by God.

Being smited by God is not a good thing. For example, the descendents of Cain were smited. The Heavenly Father smited the descendants of Cain so hard their skin turned black!

The Native Americans are descendent of groups called the Nephites and Lamanites. The Nephites were righteous, but the evil Lamanites gain control. There was a great war. The Heavenly Father was so upset that he smited the Native Americans and turned them red and savage.

See, the heavenly father uses a convenient color coding system to help keep track of our collective sins. The righteous holders of the Covenant are "whitesome and delightsome."

Covenant Theory holds that the new world was held aside by the Heavenly Father for one more Covenant in the Latter Days.

Beck's version of Covenant Theory holds that the Constitution was revealed by the Heavenly Father to create the conditions necessary for the Restoration of the Church.

The Restoration of the Church took place with the revelation of the Book of Mormon. The New Covenant was revealed in the Doctrine and the Covenants. The revelations continue through God's True Church. (Don't be fooled by any of the false churches, they are actually in league with Satan).

 Isn't it exciting to know that The Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are Holy Scriptures on par with The Bible, the Doctrine and Covenants and Book of Mormon (and any direct revelation received through the political hierarchy of the church)?

 I live in Utah. Honestly. This is what is taught and practiced here.

I am not in the political hierarchy. I go to meetings and have been pointed out and identified and an Servant of Satan because I am not in the political hierarchy.

Anyway, In Glenn Beck's Covenant Theory, the Constitution plays the same role as John the Baptist played in the New Testament. The purpose of John the Baptist created the path and heralded in the coming of Christ.

The Constitution was revealed by the Heavenly Father not as a plan unto itself but simply to create the conditions necessary for the restoration of The Church in the Latter Days.

Most Americans are in error for they look to the Constitution as the foundation for the country, when it really was intended as a device to herald in the true miracle: The Restoration of The Church.

The Constitution is Holy Scripture. Like most holy scripture, the Constitution needs authoritative interpretation for proper understanding.

For example, the Constitution promotes Freedom of Religion. This was necessary for the Heavenly Father to plant the seed of the new church. Evil gentiles use Freedom of Religion to spread false doctrine.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution speak of Liberty.

But the term "liberty" must be understood through the filter of "free agency."

As was revealed by the Heavenly Father, humans are spirit babies from a distant planet put on earth for sorting. We are given free agency to see if we willingly submit to the political hierarchy. Those who hold fealty to the political hierarchy of the restored church are the righteous.

A necessary part of the covenant is that the righteous are pitted in eternal struggle against the evil servants of Satan who are not in the political hierarchy of the true church. (You know, the one revealed in the Latter Days.)

Those other groups claiming a Covenant with God are all mistaken.

Think about how those Jihadists and suicide bombers who go to the Pearly Gates thinking they were fighting the righteous cause only to learn that Glenn Beck and his group were the rightful owner of the Covenant.

Perhaps the greatest mistake people make when reading the Constitution is they think the US Founders were working to create a free nation for all the people who came to live here.

No, no, no, no, no.

Covenants don't work that way.

It is in the glorious plan of the Heavenly Father for the Covenant to divide people into factions pitting the righteous members in the political hierarchy in a struggle against evil gentiles and servants of Satan who are outside the political hierarchy.

Glenn Beck's show of shows in Branson is not just Infotainment. He seeks people to follow him in the righteous struggle against the evil tyrants who have taken control of the nation.

I probably should have warned you. I live in Utah, but I am not in the political hierarchy.

When I look at the long history of the righteous united people against their neighbor, I've come to see the political hacks as the problem and not the people who are cast out and labeled as evil.

I believe that Barack Obama has been a horrible president. The mistakes are not the result of the color of his skin. The mistakes are the result of his education and his adherence to the Alinsky style of community organization ... which ironically was influence by Hegel and Convenant Theory.

The Alinsky style community organizer is based on the Hegelian Theory of thesis/antithesis conflicts. The goal of the community organizer is to progress society by organizing half of the community against the other half which it labels as reactionary and conservative.

This is a very important point. The Hanoverian Kings of England were German. They funded the German University to reframe the ideals of the monarchy as progressive. The key idea of the monarchy was the Divine Right of Kings. The Divine Right of Kings held the monarchy was created by an ancient covenant. They monarchy promoted a conflict driven view of history between legitimate rulers and tyrants with the kings on the right side of history.

This effort created modern socialism. (It also created capitalism ... history is weird).

The Left/Right split between Modern Conservatives and Modern Liberals was highly influenced by this theory as well.

Yes, it is true that the Far Left uses radical anti-religion as a technique to gain power. The far left attacks important cultural institutions in its never ending grub for power.

The problem is not simply the "Godlessness" of the left. I believe the problem is the pattern that is found in both Covenant Theory and Modern Dialectical logics.

I loved the Glenn Beck program that explored the rotten core of modern progressivism. It breaks my heart that the man is now pushing an ugly and divisive idea about Covenants at the same time that people are becoming victims of Covenant Theory in Syria.

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