Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Answer to a Duopoly

I read another "Mero Moment" and feel like gagging. This one was titled "Huntsman's Fine Whine"

Apparently, Jon Huntsman recently gave a presentation in which he mentioned that the correct strategy against a duopoly is a strong third party candidacy.

Huntsman is correct on this point. History shows that both parties are responsible for the debt. Both parties are expanding the Federal Government beyond its Constitutional Constraints. The duopoly has created a system where each sides use freedom rhetoric when out of power, but expands the central government when in power.

The third party candidacy of Ross Perot forced a small correction in downward spiral caused by the two parties.

I contend that, if a third party split the vote in 2012, both the Republican and Democratic Party would adopt a freedom agenda for 2016.

Mero, however, is a blind partisan for Mitt Romney; so he attacks:

"But what’s annoying about Huntsman’s sentiment is something we’ve seen historically. The whiner, the self-deported outcast lamenting how he was ill-treated is actually the problem, not his party."
Come off it!

Everytime an issue doesn't go Mero's way, he lets out a whine.

I am filing this disgusting piece by Mero in my examples of projection. The post simple says.

"Huntsman isn't supporting my candidate! Whaaaahhhhh!!!!!! He's a Whiner,  Whaaaahhhhh!!!!!! He's a Whiner. Whaaaahhhhh!!!!!!"

In his attack piece, Mero does not address the debate about a duopoly and the solution of a third party. Mero simply attacks the character and motives of Huntsman with stupid phrases like: "These Huntsman-like politicians are unmanly".


Dear Mr. Mero, Attacking an opponent's character to skirt an issue is an unmanly thing to do.

The Sutherland Institute is such a pathetic group. They take money on the false pretense of supporting free market reform, then spit out trip like the "Mero Moment." It's pathetic.

PS: I do not like that Huntsman supports socializing medicine through a government controlled health exchange. I actually find it funny that Huntsman, whose views are very close to Romney. This is like the hatred between Camus had for Satre. One dislikes their familiars.

The fact that Huntsman spoke about the dangers of duopoly and the value of a third party shows some independent thinking and raises Huntsman in my estimation.

I believe that, if the Tea Party split the vote by voting third party and Obama won, both parties would spend the next four years adopting a freedom agenda. If Romney wins, Romney will move left to capture the center and Democrats will move further left in reaction.

The split vote is the best option at this time.

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