Friday, May 11, 2012

Utah Takes Up Gardening

The Sutherland Institute praises Utah for taking up economic gardening.

Economic gardening is a practice in which the state, political party, or other ruling group declares itself the gardener.

The gardner then spreads fertilizer on entities that it favors and poisons those that it dislikes with taxes and regulations, and works diligently to rip up those declaire weeds.

I enjoy gardening vegetables. This year we had to kill a couple moles that have been diggigng up the beds.

But, wait a second!

Economic gardening means gardening people.

Do you remember when the Obama Adminstration chose which car dealerships would be closed, and which would thrive? Yeah, they were just weeding the car dealership garden.

Yes, it is true that the ruling elite will spread fertilizer on friends ... but what about the enemies?

There are more people on the outside than on the inside. When Sutherland sets itself up as gardener, it will be reducing more people to poverty that it will raise to success.

When you look through history, you will find rogues of every sort alluding to metaphors from agriculture to justify corruption.

Feudalism was an agrarian society. The classical liberals (US Founders, Adam Smith, etc.) realized that these metaphors were off base.

The founders of the US realized that people are not weeds. Everyone has fundamental rights and it is not the role of the state to chose which people thrived and which were salted, torn up and discarded as weeds.

Sutherland's declaration that they are gardeners charged with picking the winners and loser in society is a prime example of the corrupt thought process of the Republican Ruling elite. These people are every bit as bad as Obama and the Progressives.

The Sutherland Institute takes money with the false claim that they support free market economics.

The reason we are losing freedom in this nation is due in part to the fact that the self-proclaimed defenders of liberty that dominate the right always fail to actually defend liberty and property rights.

The second rogues like Mitt Romney, Paul Mero or any of this corrupt lot get their hands on power, they abuse it to reward friends and punish enemies.

People are not weeds. "Economic gardening" is simply a synonym for corruption. By promoting a system in which a corrupt ruling elite chose the winners and losers, The Sutherland Institute proves, once again, that it is as bad as any progressive think tank.

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