Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fiscal Conservative Configuration

I wish Washington would just reduce the spending and institute some fiscal sanity.

The US Founders gave us an interesting set up. In their design, Congress controls the budget, but the president spends the money.

History shows that when one party controls Congress and the Presidency, the government will engage in unprincipled spending as it rewards friends and attempts to buy even greater influence.

There might be some budget cuts in a pure Republican government as the party punishes enemies, but the few cuts will be unbalanced and add to the social instability.

For the fiscal conservative, the best combination seems to involve a Republican controlled house and a lame duck Democratic president.

The Congress, which holds the purse strings of the government, will want to choke off the spending of the opposition president.

The Miracle balanced budget of Bill Clinton happened with just such a set up.

This set up would happen if fiscal conservatives voted for fiscal conservatives candidates for Congress, but voted for a third party presidential candidate.

Much as I dislike ObamaCare and the stimulus, I would find it preferable to suffer another four years of Obama than to repeat the fiasco of a progressive Republican rapidly expanding government as we saw with George W. Bush.

The best outcome for the 2012 would have Obama winning as the result of a split vote.

Empowered by a split vote, the Republican majority would really set to cutting spending while both parties would develop a freedom agenda for the 2016 election.

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