Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fear Not the Lame Duck

The left built the super majority of 111th Congress during the lame duck years of the Bush presidency.

Conversely, in the lame duck years of Clinton proved good for the country. Despite all of its faults, the Gingrich House actually passed a balanced budget. (This budget was largely the result of unexpected economic growth, but at least it was a balanced budget).

Sadly, Republicans chose the worst possible candidate for president.

Mitt Romney has a long history as a progressive. Like the Bush administration, he will seek to move the Republican Party to the left and will silence the dissent of the Tea Party.

The reaction of the Democratic Party will an even sharper turn to the left.

Meanwhile, on the world stage, governments around the world seem to move in the opposite direction of the US presidency. During the Bush administration, the governments of the world shifted left. During the Obama administration, they've started shifting right.

If Romney wins the general election, we will see the Republican Party move to the left. We will see the Democratic Party move the left. We will see world governments moving to the left while Romney implements an agenda that is substantially left of where the nation needs to be.

If independents and the base of the Republican Party abandons Romney and votes for either the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party (letting Obama wins because of a split vote), then we would see something interesting.

Obama would be an unpopular lame duck. Democrats would seek to distance themselves from the unpopular president. In 2016, both the Republican and Democratic Party would seek to create a liberty centric agenda to attrack the libertarians and independents.

This would set up the nation for bipartisan pro-market reform in 2016.

2012 is clearly a loss, but if the Tea Party votes for a third party, then it will set up America for renewal in 2016.

Please, ignore Fox News. Do not repeat the mistake of 2000 by voting the bad to avoid the worse. Things will get better if the Tea Party thinks about the future.

A split in 2012 sets up a true renewal in 2016.

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