Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Brokered Convention

The talking heads of the Republican Establishment have been talking as if a brokered convention would some how be the end of the world.

I find this argument funny because I've been lectured more than once by Republicans about how the United States is not a Democracy but a Republic.

I've attended multiple lectures in which learned Republicans praised the Electoral college for putting a buffer between the direct vote of the people and the leaders.

If Republicans were true to their spoken beliefs then they would look forward to a brokered convention in which the different factions of the Party have a say in laying out a strategy for the post Obama years.

I confess. I am a single issue voter this year. My single issue is the repeal of PPACA and a re-establishment of the free market in health care.

By repeal, I do not mean replacing ObamaCare with RomneyCare.

Rebranding government controlled health exchanges is not a free market solution. It is simply the Republican Establishments attempt to grab the ring of power forged by Obama.

The April 23rd primary includes New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island.

I hope the voters in these states dismiss this nonsense about how Repubicans must unite behind Romney in the primary. A true Republican sees values in a brokered convention.

Failure to have a brokered convention would leave large segments of the Republican base disenfranchised and is more likely to result in a lost election than a brokered convention.

If I were voting in any of the April 23rd primary, I would be voting for the candidate most likely to strip Romney of delegates with the hope of achieiving a brokered convention.

A brokered convention is the best solution for a split Republican Party.

The Republican Party, after all, is not a Democracy. It is a Republic. Nothing would be better than for the duly elected representatives of the states to meet in a brokered convention and elect a candidate.

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