Thursday, April 05, 2012

Skip the Political Action, We Need Private Action

The way to make the world a better place is by doing, not by complaining.

I was really hoping that the Tea Party would wake Americans from their lethargy and inspire people to act in ways to restore the American experiment in self-rule.

During the Tea Party, many Americans awoke to the erosion of liberty. Sadly, people were drawn into political action. Political action, by its nature, breeds more politics which inevitably leads to more government.

The Tea Party created a great deal of noise without racking up accomplishments.

I contend that the way to restore the free market is through private action.

If we don't like the world of big business and big finance, then we must get together and start small businesses to replace the big businesses.

I've been working on the question of restoring a free market for decades. I have developed a number of business ideas that could start the process of standing against the machine.

One of the businesses is recreation related. (It is a social networking game). To get the game started, I need to find a few people who like to get out on a Saturday and play sports. If anyone would like to start a fun business, please contact me. I live in Utah, and am willing to travel to Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho or possibly Southern California.

The business is a social networking game designed as a fundraiser. The first people who respond will be at the top of the social network.

The system works as follows: A person will host a game. The host will sell game-related products that cost from $10 to $20 to the participants in the game. (I designed this as a fundraiser). The game involves agility and has a free market message.

To host a game, you will need to reserve a spot at a local park, or find a place that will let access a yard for free.

Here is my Contact Form.

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