Thursday, May 05, 2011

Centralized Exchanges and Food

I read an article on the effects of centralized exchanges and food prices.

Big banks get a large amount of easy money printed by the Fed. A decade ago, they plowed this money into Federally backed mortgages. Today, they are using commodity exchanges to plow the easy money into plays on food, precious metals, etc..

The predictable result is a massive increase in the price of food followed by chaotic fluctuations in prices that will have long term negative impact on the ability of farmers to provide food.

Centralized exchanges are at the center of the Utah Policy Project, Obamacare, RomneyCare and many other progressive stabs at health care reform.

The way one improves health is by making individual stronger ... not through a massive centralized bureaus the the Utah Health Exchange.

These big centralized schemes developed by progressive are not improving society. Large centralized exchanges get captured by insider power brokers.

A truly free market is one that is well distributed and much more organic than these contrived exchanges being shoved down our gullets.

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