Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Republicans Will Lose Big Time in 2012

Republicans were trounced in the 2011 special election in the New York 26th Congressional District.

Until Republicans actually come up with a viable political answer to the crushing debt of Medicare and entitlements, they will continue to fail.

Sadly instead of exploring answers to problems, discourse on the right is being dominated by the apocalyptical writings of Glenn Beck, and reactionary rantings.

The dialectics of Hegel and Marx is subtle. People who argue Marx's antithesis do as much to undermine a society as those arguing the thesis.

To restore liberty, those wishing to restore freedom need to start a conversation about liberty.

This is all I've been trying to do with "The Medical Savings and Loan."

The Medical Savings and Loan is a discussion about what real free market health care reform would look like. The central piece of free market reform is savings.

The reform starts from the position that "those who can pay for health care should pay for their care."

In regards to Medicare, the principle translates into the position that Medicare should not provide benefits to the wealthy.

People who've had substantial earnings and who own substantial capital should pay every single penny of their health care bill.

The rich are the trend setters. They are the ones who define the market.

Were the rich to start paying their health care bills from their own resources with their own cash, we would see an almost instant restoration of the pricing mechanism because the rich set the trends.

If the rich were paying their bills, they would demand bills that clearly stated charges, and they would balk and bills with superfluous charges.

The goal of the Medical Savings and Loan is to increase the number of people who are able to pay for their health care in full through a structured savings program.

Once again, the people who saved for their health care will demand clear bills. Their controlled spending would help restore the pricing mechanism.

It is so frustrating watching the Tea Party fail. If people just started talking about ways to solve our health care challenges with real free market reform, they would triumph in 2012.

Instead Republicans will blow the opportunity for real reform with losing issues like the Fair Tax, States Rights and latter day apocalyptics.

I just wish I could find a tea party group somewhere that wanted to talk issues from a sound logical position.

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