Monday, May 30, 2011

Talk Positively About Freedom

The Wealth of the Nation is produced by the people ... not by the government.

Our intellectual and ruling class tend to ignore the people and focus exclusively on the the the government.

The intellectual class has the hubris to assume that whatever economic policies were in place at a time of growth was the cause of the growth, when the cause of growth and decline usually is the result of changes in demographics, technology or the moral character of the people.

A few people in Washington get it. They understand that the Wealth of the Nation is the people and that the best government is that which governs least.

Unfortunately, when all of the talk in political circles is about government programs and government budgets, the sound argument for fiscal conservatism gets lost.

In order to win the day, folks who support limited government need to change the narrative from government programs and budgets to a broader discussion about how the people can live their lives in ways that create wealth.

To win 2012, the Tea Party needs to move beyond simple agitation about excessive government and re-ignite a discussion about personal finances and the role that the individual plays in a free and prosperous country.

My gig is the Medical Savings and Loan. This is a conversation about how individuals can self-finance their health care.

If anyone engaged in this conversation, then the health care debate would change from a debate about what the government can do for the people to one about individuals living positive healthy lives.

There are many other forms that this conversation can take. The Object Tax that I described in one about changes to the tax laws that empower people with their finances.

The Tea Party would win if the Tea Party started talking positively about freedom.

Agitation against Barack Obama will not restore freedom. If the Tea Party fails to engage in a positive discussion about liberty, then the most it can help to accomplish is to engineer a swing of big government back into the hands of the corrupt Republican establishment ... a group committed to crony-capitalism and not the free market.

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