Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Image of Health

Elizabeth Smart looks okay.

I guess that's enough to convince the progressive amongst to reduce the sentence of her tormentor Brian David Mitchell.

That a twenty-three-year-old woman looks great is not surprising (most do).

A person whose been traumatized might respond to the trauma by spending excessive time on appearance. Conversely, a person who is emotionally secure might not spend much time on appearance.

One of the characteristics of the modern age is that people spend more time fretting over image than substance.

For example, modern Americans associate "reason" with the temperment of the speaker and not with the soundness of the speaker's position.

I wish Ms. Smart well, and I am disgusted that our courts even consider the idea of reducing a sentence based on the way the victim looks years after the crime, but we live in a progressive era. We are a society pre-occupied with appearance as we rot at the core.

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