Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Round Down US

The centennial of the Federal Reserve will take place in two years (2013).

The build up to the centennial might provide an opportunity to challenge people's assumptions about economics.

The Federal Reserve controls our money supply. They established an inflationary money supply. Each year they devalue the dollar.

In the hundred year history of the Federal Reserve, the devaluation of the dollar is about 99%. A 2013 dollar has about the same purchasing power as the 1913 penny.

As the reserve devalued the dollar, small change no longer serves any vital purpose in commerce.

So, for the anniversary of the Reserve, I thought it would be fun to run a campaign that encourages merchants to cash in their jars of pennies and to round transactions down to a quarter.

The campaign is that merchants will continue to calculate prices to the penny, but will round down when they make change. This will cost participating merchants an average of 12 cents per transaction, but will save the cost of handling change.

Rounding to a quarter means that merchants will have only three quarters in the cash drawer and will

I am thinking of running this campaign in 2012. I've learned that one has to reserve names before any public discussion of the program; otherwise, the names will get snagged by squatters.

Anyway, I reserved the domain RoundDown.US and snagged the twitter account RoundDownUS, and will test the market to find anyone interested in the concept.

The Twitter Account will follow all followers ... especially those who are interested in

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