Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Progressive Scale?

Running the numbers for the Medical Savings and Loan is made even more complex because the numbers are based on income and not just medical expenses.

The idea behind the Medical Savings and Loan is that those who can self fund their medical care should pay for their care.

Let's say a person with ten million dollars in life time earnings has five million dollars in health care expenses.

In my opinion, that person should pay, out of pocket, the full five million dollars.

Insurance is regressive. It would have the millionaire pay the same health care premium as a middle class worker. Since the wealthy have better lawyers and demand better care, insurance transfers wealth from the working class to the wealthy class.

This is why the ruling class in both the Republican Party and Democratic Party give unwavering support for insurance.

The Medical Savings and Loan looks differently at the person who makes $500,000 life time earnings. One will see grants kick in after just a few thousand dollars in health care expenses.

The medical savings and loan is like the progressive tax system in that the rich are expected to pay substantially more than the poor.

The Medical Savings and Loan is a free market solution. It is about as close to a free market health care system as one can get. Progressivism proper refers to the progress toward socialism. It is interesting that the anti-market programs for funding health care all focus and power on the ruling elite to the cost of the people at large.

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