Monday, April 25, 2011

A Freedom Centric Dialog

The worst mistake ever made by America was depending on Conservatives for defending our freedom.

Conservatives are notorious for defending freedom only up to the point that it gives them a political or economic advantage.

Even worse, the primary tool of the conservative is obstructionism … creating the false impression that freedom is somehow on obstructive obstacle to progress.

The reverse is true.

Freedom unbinds the creative spirit of the common man and ushers in prosperity for the community at large.

Utah, supposedly the most Conservative state, was the first to implement the exchanges from Obamacare.

Republicans have a nasty habit of supporting the freedom of the ruling elite to trample on the little people, while ignoring the plight of the little people getting trampled upon.

As long as America depends on obstructionist Conservatives to defend freedom, the most we can hope for is progressive legislation administered by conservative power brokers. In such a world, we will see the vast majority of our children diminish into subsistence while our once great nation turns into a political has been.

The one and only way for us to restore our freedom is to drop the stance of conservative obstructionism and create a dialog to reaffirm liberty.

The liberty envisioned by the Founders of the United States was part of a dialog which combined the best of the classical logic and the Judeo/Christian world view in a discussion about liberty.

Instead of talking about which group dominates the collective (big business or big government), we should engage in a dialog about the nature of individual liberty.

Conservative obstructionists failed to stop the passage of ObamaCare. Republican obstructionists, like those in Utah, bowled over each other in the rush to implement ObamaCare. There is zero chance of restoring our freedom as long as we depend on the conservative obstructionists in the Republican Party to lead the way.

To restore liberty, somebody, somewhere has to engage in an authentic discussion about the nature of liberty.

This game, where a corrupt Left and Right use branded terms from the discussion of freedom in their culture war, is bound to lead us to ruin.

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