Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lime Slurpee

President Obama, who's visited all 57 states, is a keen observer of human nature. One of his most profound observation is that Republicans drink Slurpees.

Republicans like to hang around a work site like union laborers on break--sipping slurpees--while Democrats toil away like small business owners trying to pay the bills.

While I watch the election returns. I thought I would impart my favorite frozen drink recipe.

I am a bit lazy. I like to start with a can of frozen sweeten limeade. I add only two cups of water then squeeze in a fresh lime and the lime zest along with a jigger of Triple Sec.

This serves as the base.

To make the drink, I add the base, ice and shot of tequila into the blender to crush the ice.

Some people like to salt the rim of the glass and serve with a slice of lime and one of those funky cocktail umbrellas. Me I am happy with a plain cocktail glass.

Anyway, I thought I would share my "lime slurpee" recipe as I sit like a union worker on break and watch the election returns.

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