Friday, November 12, 2010

Federal Power and the Dream Act

The Dream Act is a tool that grants citizenship to families for joining the military or taking on other select government jobs.

The relative size of the Federal Government has been the most contentious issue of in the United States since its founding.

An act that grants citizenship for getting a government job weighs the body politics to those who want more power in the hands of the government. A government agency that wants expanding authority will hire new citizen/employees who will vote for expanded government power.

This fluffy sounding bill is one of the most manipulative bills ever put before Congress. In order to gain more power, the government simply grants a few million people who will support their power grab.

An act that allows the government to change the make up of the nation in favor of bigger government creates a dangerous feedback loop. This power grab is an attack at the very foundation of Democracy.

The founding principle of the Dream Act is "If you don't like the will of the people, change the people."

That said, I will now sit back and be labeled a racist by small minded progressives.

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