Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Dialectics and the Center

Most people want to be part of the reasonable center.

Marx's uses this desire. His theory is called Dialectical Materialism. In dialectics the philosopher defines two contradictory positions. As the philosopher argues the contradictory points people begin to imagine a position as the rational center.

Now, here's the deal: By choosing the extremes, one can make any position on any issue appear to be the center by defining the extremes.

Marx never explained how a communist utopia would work. All he did was to create a left/right dichotomy in an effort to create a new center.

In progressivism, the radical left will define a new extreme. The reactionary right will react in defense of the status quo. The dialectical argument will form a new status quo. After which the radical left will choose another radical position leaving reactionary conservatives defending the new status quo.

When one studies the history of our financial mess, one finds that the financial tools at the center of the mess were created by progressives of yesteryear. Insurance, Credit Default Swaps, Mortgage Backed Securities, Hedge Funds, CDOs, short selling, etc., were all created by progressives. Yet the elite is able to project ownership of this toxic mix of derivatives onto Conservatives.

The funky derivatives that crashed the market were created with the idea that they would regulate the market. Rather than excepting that they don't regulate the market, progressives are able to use the failure of their creations to justify a new layer of regulation.

Go figure?

With dialectics progressives change society through illusion.

Many of the things we consider the rational center today were considered dangerous extremes in the past. Conversely, we see the rational center of yesteryear as a dangerous extreme.

Have you ever noticed how the elite spend so much time trying to define the position of their opposition? They do this to make their radical position appear the rational center.

In this last election we saw everything from racism and teabagging to excessive slurpee drinking projected on the tea party.

[slurp, slurp, slurp]

The arguments put forward by members of the movement were systematically ignored.

With this free floating system, the ruling elite can yank the people about by their nose rings.

Unfortunately, this method of gaining power by shifting the center has the long term effect of eroding the foundations of a nation and eventually reducing the people to poverty.

The founders were living in a day when the elite under King George was trying to centralize power by changing the foundations of the colonies. They saw the dangers of these tactics. Their solution was to set the center with a Constitution.

Today we find that the Fundamental Change of FDR and Obama has created a dangerous world where the Constitution of our founders is seen as a dangerous extreme.

I hold with the tea party that the Constitution was a good thing, and that this game of trying to move the center through dialectics is an inherently bad thing.

Through 2009 and 2010, the tea party worked heavily on the Republicans and convinced many in the party to return to their forgotten principles of this great nation. I hope that Republicans do well in the midterm.

Altough I am currently rooting for the Republicans, I don't see this as a Republican thing.

It's a Constitution thing. For this reason, I am rooting for the independent Tancredo in Colorado because he is an independent with a chance of winning.

The worst thing that can happen to this country would be to develop a two party system where the minority Republican Party favors the Constitution and the majority Democratic Party wants a socialist utopia and the center is simply societal decay.

My biggest hope is that the tea party stays independent and that we see a number of tea party candidates on the Democratic side in the 2012 election.


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