Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tribulations of Trial Lawyers

One interesting result of Obamacare is that we are likely to see the Democrars throw the trial lawyers and Conservatives become their defenders.

Trial lawyers played an important role in the progress toward socialized medicine. Medical malpractice lawsuits dramatically increase costs of care and raise angst.

Once the foot is in the door and a subsidized public option is in place to drive the scattered remains of the free market out of health care, then cost cutting and good public relations will become the marching orders.

Conversely, Conservatives will notice that the only way to get good care in socialized medicine is to hire lawyers and to develop good relations in the health care bureaucracy.

Likewise doctors with any private equity invested in their practice are likely to need substantially more legal protection under a socialist system.

Already, I've noticed an increasing number of Conservatives speaking more positively about the role of lawyers in health care while progressives appear to be eyeing their take in the current system.

It is odd. Conservatives tend to be the first to criticize a group, but are often the last standing up to defend them.

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Scott Hinrichs said...

Interesting observation. I have noted the same thing.