Friday, July 17, 2009

Free Market Medical Care Causes Cancer

Cato is mocking a pro-Obamacare ad campaign that appears to be touting Obama's health care plan as a cure for cancer.

Cato seems to misunderstand that one can trace a great deal of the skyrocketing number of cancer deaths directly to health care in the free market.

Prior to the prosperity of the free market, few people lived long enough die of cancer.

The free market gave individuals and families the freedom to invest their health care resources as they saw fit. The result was that people invested their resources in things that prolonged their lives.

Go figure?

Greedy doctors, seeking to cash in on the market, pursued research that cured disease after disease until we got to the place where a very large number of people finally succumb to the cellular degeration of their own bodies.

Greedy doctors' greed didn't stop with researching parasitic diseases. They've made massive investments in researching cancer itself. They've made massive investments in genetic research and seem to be finding cures for many of the once seemingly incurable cancer.

It is now not unusually to nurse people beyond one or two formerly incurable cancers. People will go through a couple cancers until they finally succumb to one too many cancers.

A person who had cancer. Lived fifteen years and died of another cancer still died of cancer ... Proving to the halfwits on the left that the free market is fundamentally flawed.

When government and partisan groups are in charge of resources, they inveset the resources of the community in ways that entrench or magnify the powers of the elite. After we pass Obamacare and destroy the free market in medicine; then we are likely to see the fate of our children return to the medical paradigm of the age of serfdom when most people just kind of died and nobody really cared.

With the earth in the balance, I doubt a truly globally centric medical bureaucracy would want to waste valuable community resource on baubles of the bourgeoisie like the artificial heart or advanced cancer treatments. I imagine a science czar who openly discusses the need for forced sterilization would realize that such niceties do not benefit the commune in relation to the resource cost.

As health rationing takes hold under the new community centric health bureaucracy, we may return the the glorious days when fewer people lived long enough to die of cancer and we will be able to praise government run health care for saving us the ravages of cancer.

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